Cake Connect

After five years at HotSchedules, I joined CAKE to become the Product Manager of Cake Connect, an early stage B2B web and mobile app providing restaurant operators a platform to advertise for and receive online food orders.  Once I joined, my first task was to get to know the restaurant operators interested in online ordering and I conducted onsite visits with operators in the Austin area and learned more about their problem and needs.  I assessed handful of opportunities to improve their online ordering experience but ultimately settled on a opportunity to eliminate the need for duplicate entry by building a platform that integrated with their Point of Sale system.  I received approval of this assessment from leadership and began working with the development and design team to build a MVP product.  I knew our riskiest assumption was our belief that we could provide a sufficient volume of online orders and that operators would accept them and I wanted to test and gather feedback as soon as possible.  I took a lean and scrappy approach by first deciding to launch initially in the Austin area so that we would have easy access to our customers and second by identifying tasks, like actually placing the order with the restaurant, that the internal team could complete ourselves.  This plan allowed us to have a MVP product launched months in advance and test assumptions that would make or break our product much earlier than expected.

More about the Concierge MVP approach can be accessed here.



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