Welcome to Startup life! After four years at MAXIMUS, I took a Product Manager position with a startup in Austin called HotSchedules to work on their scheduling web and mobile applications which at the time was a B2B product responsible for providing around 1.5 million restaurant employees with their schedule.  At the time, HotSchedules was lead by the original founders who created the web app while working at PF Changs.

It is easy to see why HotSchedules is the leading labor management solution within the Restaurant industry when you apply the hooked model to it.  First, it is based on the most common internal trigger in the restaurant industry: ‘When do I work?’.  Second, it provides a very simple and easy way to satisfy this trigger by logging into your account.  Third, it provides the schedule as the reward and since the schedule is different week to week, it is a variable reward that keeps HotSchedules users coming back.  Finally, it provides an opportunity for investment, request a day off for example, that improves the service.

HotSchedules provided me a blueprint for creating a habit forming product and I worked on various web and mobile projects to maintain and increase its popularity among restaurant staff.   Some Screenshots below:



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