RoadWarrior’s mission is to provide a trusted platform where fans all over the world work together to provide the best experiences before, during, and after the event.  It began as an idea I decided to work on for my Udacity Tech Entrepreneurship Nanodegree.  The goal of the class was to teach students how to take an idea all the way from conception to launch.  After completing the class, I was even more confident in my idea and had supporting materials like prototypes, user interviews, etc. to support it.  I pitched the idea to an engineer I knew from HotSchedules and we agreed to build a MVP Android app for the 2017 college football national championship in Tampa Florida.  We exceeded all the goals we set for ourselves and then pitched the idea to two more engineers.  We have continued to help fans traveling to sporting events such as the Sweet Sixteen and Daytona 500 and have acquired over 150 iOS and Android installs.

The experience has been awesome and has reminded me that behind every great product is a team that has an in-depth knowledge of their customer.  Our entire team loves attending live events which has made it much easier to identify problems to solve, find users for feedback, etc.  A good product manager should be more critical in deciding which customer problems they want to solve as it will increase their chances of delivering a product that customers love.







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